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E-Sports World Ranking

ESWR - E-SPORTS WORLD RANKING® is a tournament management and ranking platform that allows, among other things, to select the different participants in the world finals of the E-SPORTS WORLD®.


- The competitions are open to all players over 18 years old.

- The entirety of the cash price will be deposited onto an escrow account held by a bailiff, as required by French law. Furthermore, 70% of the amounts paid by the participants for the registration will be returned in the form of cash price + travel expenses for the world finals, with the assistance of our payment partner HiPay®.


- Every week, a national competition starts. It''s a qualifying week.

- The competition starts on Saturday and ends on Friday.

- Players compete on their own consoles, pc, online and record their games, then at the end communicate the result of their match.

- Registration is $ 25 per game for a qualifying week.

- The number of entries is limited to 64 players per week / per country and per game or 32 teams for multiplayer games. If these numbers are not reached there will be no qualifying week, registrations will be refunded or postponed to a new week depending on the choice of the registered player.

- There are 40 weeks of qualification: from February 22 to November 27, 2020.

- The winner of the week is qualified for the national final and receives a cash prize of $ 100 per player.


- At the end of the 20 weeks of competition, the winners of the past weeks are invited to compete in the national finals (same process in each country) in December 2020.

- The national winner is qualified for the Continental Final and receives a cash prize of $ 1,000 * per player (* if more than 30 qualifying weeks).


- The national champions are qualified to play the continental final in December 2020.

- The continental winner is qualified for the World Final and receives a cash prize of $ 10,000 * per player (* if more than 30 qualifying weeks).

- Travel and accommodation costs for the World Final are covered * (* if more than 30 weeks of actual qualification).


- The continental champions are qualified to compete in the world finals.

- The dates and place chosen for these World Finals are from XXXXXXXXXXXX in XXXXXXXXXX.

- Every World Champion receives a cash price "variable", that increases as more players register to compete in that game.

The more registered, the more participating countries, the higher the cash price.